Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The great debate.

Okay, so this may not be the great debate, as I really don't feel I represented myself too clearly. But hey, it was ayami ha and I spent the morning discussing the role of a spiritual being as a dissenter in the face of oppression, specifically concerning the Baha'i faith and their role of non-participation in politics surrounding the Israeli occupation of Palestine. I was intellectually wiped out for the day. I made some arguments that I don't feel I gave proper context for, but such is life.

Here is the discussion, held with myself, Janet Shahn of www.blackpoliticalthought.blogspot.com, Mitch Berg, conservative talk radio host, and the militant moderate middle musher, Marty Owings.

Also, tonight I was in Columbia, MO to interview Norman Finkelstein, which I did, and was pleased. I also ran into some cats of the highest caliber, calling themselves the Mischievous Gnome Collective. I interviewed them as well and will be posting both in the near future.