Friday, February 22, 2008

Radio Free Nation!

I was interviewed tonight by Marty Owings on his broadcast blog, Radio Free Nation. Marty stumbled upon one of my other blogs, found in pockets, a collaborative blog I do with an Aussie Blogger known as Skanky Jane. Our blog made the "blogs of note" recently and has been viewed by hundreds of people a day since. He took interest in the blog, I think partly because of the dada-ist absurdity of the blog and also because of the unlikely popularity of such a blog. So he contacted me and asked for an interview. After going to his blog, and listening to a couple of his shows, I was excited to say yes.

I think often about the idea of media and the functionality of independent media sources, i.e. blogs, livejournal, myspace, youtube, npr, and how they can maintain a certain level of sincerity not found in corporate media, but are still stifling in format. Not everyone has the time or interest to read three thousand word blog posts, and npr became suspect when they crumpled under the weight of the fraternal order of police and declined to air Live From Death Row, a series of conversations with death row inmate, political prisoner, and journalist Mumia Abu Jamal. Then, through Marty, I discovered Radio Free Nation, and am pleased to find that shows like this one exist. These are non-corporate radio broadcasts, dealing with everything that affects us, as humans. You might not get the most up to date Market reports, but you will get honest radio, unfettered and uncensored.

Marty is doing a great thing, and I commend him on it. I encourage everyone to listen to his blog and write in with comments or ideas, and possibly even start your own radio blog.