Friday, September 5, 2008

Dakota Reclamation

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Tonight I held an interview with members of the Dakota Nation who are currently reclaiming their sacred land in Minnesota, known as the cold water springs. This resistance is one of many indigenous culture revolts occurring the world over. This is the reaping of capitalist seeds sown with the blood of the people for the righteousness of the rich.

In Denver, last week, we were absolutely saturated by police presence. Every street downtown was lined with cops bearing weapons ranging from automatic guns to sticks and tear gas, but all carrying the hardest weapon to dismantle, fear. This level of fear is what has necessitated the state since day one, and also what allows for the use of such force against otherwise peaceful americans. It works like this.

The state spends fifty million dollars on security for the streets of Denver in the weeks leading up to the occupation of Denver by corporate goons. That outrageous amount of money is used to provide the image of security in the form of a couple of thousand cops with large weapons, the infringement upon civil liberties of citizens of Denver, snipers on rooftops and the bringing in of not only federal troops, but also private mercenaries such as Blackwater Corp. All of these expenses add up to the creation of an unknown and seemingly large enemy. When we see this amount of firepower int he hands of those meant to protect our freedoms, we come to an understanding that that is their purpose here, meaning there is a threat in our streets that we cannot see and do not have the privilege of knowledge of. That may be because the enemy is in fact, us.

According to recent bills put forth and passed, anyone who believes that this system has wronged people, and needs to be changed, is in fact an enemy combatant. This means that every worker that lost his or her job due to NAFTA, every child who lost funding for their school due to this most recent war, every mother who lost a son or daughter in that war, every native person who does not know their own language from the colonization of the lands by rich white men, every fisherman who cannot eat their catch because of poisoned waters, every farmer that is forced by economic terrorism to grow bio-fuel instead of food and poison his field because of monsanto, is now a potential terrorist. All of us are potential enemies.

If this is the case, then they are warranted in their use of force, right? But who are they protecting? When Barrack Obama took the stage of the world and announced his military plan of war, people cheered and called him a candidate of change. He then went on to invoke the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. from 40 years ago to the day, and did not stop once to denounce the police who were beating people in the streets of Denver for doing what the great Dr. King had hoped we would do. He did not once mention that right outside the walls of the convention, there were people being jailed for standing in the wrong place on the street of an american city, or people being raided by riot cops and federal agents for feeding people for free. He did not mention that his support of Israel is in truth a forwarding of a genocide against the Palestinian Peoples. He did not mention that most of the people he is hoping would vote for him are victims of the cruelty of this system and would remain so long after November.

In St. Paul, homes are being raided and people being charged with terrorism for acts that were not yet committed and in fact have no ground to think that any terrorist acts would be committed by those apprehended, meanwhile, police storm the streets waving guns, using grenades and pepper spray to incite fear in the hearts of civilians, which is, in fact, the very definition of terrorism. Hundreds are in jail in both cities this week, falling as political collateral damage to a group that seeks to control the very air we breathe. The hundreds of us that stood up in Denver and the thousands that stood up in St. Paul can change nothing if the millions of us continue to remain silent. It is known that before the slaves could revolt, they must first understand what slavery is, what their condition is. How then, do we convince ourselves that we are slaves, and that our comfort is temporary and fake and on the backs of people the world over? How much more will it take?

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