Saturday, February 16, 2008

so i am a dealer now

angela and i have decided to start a book distribution, tabling local events with books we feel are great and selling them at prices that make capitalism look stupid. go to the new blog that i will be using for event postings and inventory as well as reviews and stuff.



Blue-ring said...

Good luck. Try searching at Goodwill for affordable books to re-sell. May be like a needle in a haystack, but you never know.....

foolchild0 said...

nice...we need independent bookstores before borders and barnes and noble eat the market and america's cultural life along with it.

Anonymous said...

fool, I thought Borders had a coffee bar to pacify those fears. Any book store can order any book. Some just need a "leftist" bookstore to tell them what books they need to read. If you know who you should be reading the place you buy it shouldn't matter.

Mr. Franklin, best of luck sir.

AMEN said...

only a fool would know what "leftist" authors to read, and knowingly purchase them from a corporate monster and not an independent book seller. a thinking individual would know that, yes, it does matter where your money goes, specifically in a commercially motivated democracy.

thanks for the best wishes.

also, the idea of the book store is to introduce authors that people who are not leftist in thinking, may never had heard of. people without the PRIVELEGE of information. people like the person i was when i first encountered a punk rock book seller tabling a show.

foolchild0 said...

amen, amen. nothing's more hypocritical than buying a people's history of the united states or steal this book at a corporate book store. classic "recuperation," as guy debord called it- absorbing subversive elements into the machine and therefore misdirecting the urge to resist and transforming it into complicity.

and it's more than buying books- it's about connecting people who think the same way, providing gathering places to share ideas. the sterile corporate bookstore environment lessens that likelihood and increases the distance between like-minded people.