Saturday, December 29, 2007

where have all the good journalists gone dead?

this is an interview with benazir bhutto, shortly before her assassination, where in she explains a letter sent to musharaf, fingering her assassins in the case that she would die by political assassination. she makes an interesting, casual statement about the murder of osama bin laden.

and, just a thought, if we changed the name of french fries to freedom fries when france failed to comply with our demands to enter and support an oil war, why don't we change the name of afghan quilts to freedom blankets? not as sexy but i bet they would sell a shit ton of them! i happen to know a great knitter! here is a beautiful afghan...i mean freedom blanket, she made for us.

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anniebiotic said...

Actually, it's crocheted - not knit. I was watching "OZ" recently and noticed that all the muslims were wearing crocheted caps - not knit. This is funny because according to Debbie Stoller (of "Stitch 'n bitch fame)a possible origin of the word "hooker" comes from the discovery that workers in the lace industry (including crocheted lace) were turning tricks on the side to earn a living wage. I don't know if this is accurate or just a folk story, but it's interesting to think of hookers making hats for muslims. At any rate, these crocheted freedom blankets are a bargain at $911.00 dollars!