Thursday, December 20, 2007

the end is near.

we are closing in on Bush's final year in office, but ding dong the witch is not yet dead. democrats and liberals the world over are beginning to celebrate, quite prematurely, this lame-duck president's departure, with countdown calendars that proclaim the end of an era that most of amerika will inevitably deny existed or claim ignorance to it's force upon the world. much like the the reagan administration and their great gift of apathy towards the aids epidemic and the introduction of crack cocaine into our ghettos. now the man has a postage stamp and the consideration for a dollar nomination bearing his resemblance. why not a pablo escobar day as well?

what we are doing in these last moments is forgetting just how potentially dangerous this administration has shown themselves to be. this final year for g-dub could bring about our greatest fears and be his most damaging year to date.

"I'm going to work hard to the finish. I'm going to sprint," Bush said in October. and with his historical track record, he seals our doom in this short sentence alone. with the passing of the patriot act, being in and of itself the introduction to american homeland fascism, and the more recent assault on civil liberties, the military commissions act, bush has shown us that he means business and business is mean.

so far, by most accounts, including statements from whitehouse correspondents, bush plans to spend his final year as most lame-ducks do, traveling the world in the name of foreign policy. this would show the world that bush is striving towards peace keeping efforts and the maintaining of good business practices. this also seems to say that he has no great plans for the passing of legislation in his final year, being that he is opposed by a majority of dems in congress, it seems that he would be useless at home. however, according to jake siewert, the final white house press secretary for clinton, "There is certainly a fair amount of planning that goes on into the last year. "

this most conniving of administrations has not put their agenda on the back burner, that is to be noted. however, according to the white house, they have achieved so little in his second term. quote: "Mr. Bush now enters the final year of his presidency without major legislation passed in his second term. He still hopes to revive Middle East peace talks and build on signs of progress in Iraq, all the while resisting suggestions that he is increasingly irrelevant."
White House Correspondent Scott Stearns
stearns seems to ignore the passing of the military commisions act on october 17, 2006. this was indeed in his second term and probably the most significant law enacted by a u.s. president in the last 40 years. if this is not considered major legislation by the white house, then i fear what is to come.

meanwhile, back in tv world, we are focusing on the next election. hilary's aging face and obama's comic ears, versus guiliani's lisp and fred thompson's maid. this is exactly the distraction needed to indeed get away with murder, which is precisely what g w and his crew have been doing for years.

"I've never felt more engaged and more capable of helping people recognize - American people recognize that there's a lot of unfinished business," said Mr. Bush. an idea which i can only interpret as, there are still a few liberties remaining unfettered. but if you still believe that bush is relaxing in his last year, just ask karl rove, the man credited as bush's brain in the first term of his occupation.

"He is a bold leader who is going to be milking every single moment that he has got in this office," he said. "He knows the powers of the office. He knows the levers that he has got. He didn't come here simply to occupy it. He came here to do things. And he is going to keep doing things right up to the moment that he leaves January 20, 2009." rove stated about his former boss.

this year will provide us with further attacks in the middle east, that is to be assured, both in iraq and also in the newly appointed arbiter of wmd's, iran. we are picking fights before finishing ones we have started. bin laden ring a bell? and now with iraq in total disarray, we have provided the perfect fodder for hatred and attack of american people, not to mention the thousands of iraqi people who will also be suffering the onslaught of military occupation and resistance this year.

keep in mind that, when speaking of nuclear weapons, the us is a crucial member of the group of eight committee. Four of the G8 members United Kingdom, United States of America, France and Russia together account for 96-99% of the world's nuclear weapons. also, in use of the great scare tactic used to destroy civil liberties, terrorism, The G8 officials also agreed to pool data on terrorism. terrorism has reached new and broader definitions with the passing of the patriot act and the military commissions act, as being those that may pose a threat to homeland security by standing in the way of military action or opposing military force. all peaceful people of the world, who oppose war on principal, are then terrorists and will make the list for the G8, since 2005.

by thew way, in his final year, bush plans to attend the G8 committee meeting in japan, and why not, it is held at a spa/resort and all of this dutiful work against americans and citizens of the world really can put stress on a man. he needs a massage. and if you think the G8 is about producing a foreign policy that ill help to more evenly spread the wealth of the world and open new lines of communication, think again. The eight countries making up the G8 represent about 14% of the world population, but they account for 60% of the world's economic output. that is a number that has a lot of leg-room.

all of this is ahead of us this year and i expect many many surprises by this administration, none of them being favorable to any thinking, feeling, rational, peaceful human being.

good night and good luck.

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